Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Biggest ''catch'' of my life!

I spoke to a god!

by Trevor Tau Fik

Our sport is such a wonderfully mysterious and rewarding activity. To quote Forrest Gump, you never know what you're gonna get. On this outing, I hit the jackpot!

It all started one ordinary day at the office during one ordinary meeting.

The Lifestyle & Entertainment Desk chief hurries over and informs the boss that we’d been invited to interview Jeremy Wade in Japan… and that we needed to confirm the name of the attendee pronto.

“Jeremy who?” go all the boomer knights of the rectangular table.

And I be like: “Are you being serious right now? He's THE GOD of angling!”

Short version of a long story… forty-eight hours later, I’m turning to jello shaking hands with (*mind scream*) Jeremy Wade!

I stutter-spurt something about him being a demigod and that I’m a big fan, all the while sounding like some swooning groupie.

After regaining some composure, we later do the interview/video… with numerous retakes coz I’m a noob and was still a bundle of nerves standing in the presence of (*mind scream*) Jeremy Wade!

Thankfully, he was a real sport and super accommodating. A true gentleman.

He even helped me with some of my lines coz he’d remembered them from the many retakes 😁.

We did a bit of fishing after the shoot but as you can see from the video, the location wasn’t exactly a river teeming with monsters.

After the fishless fishing, I bent the knee and placed my rod at his feet and said: “Your Grace, I pledge my rod to you… from this day, until my last day. Valar morghulis.”

Oh wait… that didn’t happen. It was only in my head.


But hey, guess what? As the media reps were saying goodbye to the Ruler of the Seven Rivers, he turned to his manager and said: “Wait. Trevor here is the only one who fish. I wanna give him something.”

The manager hands him a copy of his book River Monsters, which he he autographs and hands to me (*mind scream*).

Sure, I didn’t catch any fish on this trip but hey and whoa… I hung out with J-E-R-E-M-Y W-A-D-E!!!

I hope God doesn’t take this literally, but yeah… I can die happy now.

Chatting with Wade (watch the video here)

Extra footage

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